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The Food with Thought campaign is introducing both locals and visitors to the delectable culinary scene that’s simmering right here in Surrey. We’ve received an amazing response from folks taking us up on our suggestions of where to go for an amazing meal and not surprisingly! The choices are endless. But what happens after the plates are cleared and the sweet-tooth starts calling? We bent the ears of two of our favourite local bloggers to get the inside scoop on some of the best desserts in and around Surrey…

Scott Graham @ WFLBC

The Crème Caramel at Tap Restaurant in South Surrey is always a winner in my book! It’s almost always on the menu and it’s house made, perfectly.

Ann Lee @ MePlusFood

The place I can always count on, especially late night is Krispy Kreme in Delta! My favorites are raspberry jelly, original, and chocolate iced with Kreme filling. There’s always lots of selection at this place – the first Krispy Kreme location in British Columbia. Even better, you can get half-off a dozen donuts after 9pm. That means 12 for $6! As you might expect, it gets busy right at 9, so go on time for best selections.

Cassandra Anderton @ Good Life Vancouver

I am fond of Bistro 72, connected to the Old Surrey Restaurant. They’ve remodeled the room – it’s now refreshed and the chef pays particular homage to sourcing uber-locally for their menu. Their sticky toffee pudding is rich and dense; full of that rich caramel flavour I frequently crave. Pair it with one of the very local beers such as the Black Death Porter from Surrey’s Russell Brewing and it’s a meal in itself!

Daman Beatty @ Surrey604

Maxim’s Bakery for cakes and sweets is amazing. (You have to look for it, though: it’s in the basement of Central City near Shoppers Drug Mart and T&T). They have pastries, and individual cheesecakes, mousses and a variety of cakes! We especially love the cream filled coconut bun. You can get custom ordered cakes there as well!

Karen Hamilton @ TinyBites

Krause Berry Farm in Langley is the winner for me! All their fruit pies are amazing, but I especially like their strawberry custard one. During winter, there is a selection of frozen pies available onsite at the winery, which is open from 11am-3pm Wednesday through Friday. Once their growing season is in full swing, anything freshly baked from their bakery or porch is awesome! I’ve also seen their frozen pies on sale at the Richmond Farmers Market in Steveston by No. 5 Road. Worth the trip!

Photo Credit: Mo Riza

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