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Did you know that the birthplace of British Columbia isn’t that far from our fair city? Just east of Surrey in the Township of Langley, along the Fraser River, lies Fort Langley.

The original Fort Langley was constructed in 1827 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, four kilometers downstream from where it stands today. By 1830, the fort had become a major export of fur, salted salmon, cedar lumber and shingles. It also operated a large-scale farm, which was set up originally to sustain Hudson’s Bay employees, and later became prominent in poultry, beef, cranberries and dairy.

It’s only fair that the birthplace of our province be named as its capital. Right? Sir James Douglas seemed to think so. Unfortunately, not long after he’d christened Fort Langley accordingly, the Queen gave the title to New Westminster, but that didn’t stick either. Eventually, the honour went to the city of Victoria (and the Queen’s namesake).

Today, the historic community within the city of Langley is inhabited by over 3,000 people and attracts tens of thousands of tourists annually. Visiting this quaint community and the significant structure it’s named for, is like stepping inside a history book. There are so many things to do and see in Fort Langley. We’ve listed some of our favourites below:


There’s no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than museum-hopping. Fort Langley boasts three: The Fort Langley National Historic Site, the BC Farm and Equipment Museum, and the Langley Centennial Museum.


What if we told you your family could camp out at Fort Langley National Historic Site, without missing the comforts of home? An “oTENTik” is a new kind of camping shelter fitted with comfy mattresses, a table, fridge, dishes and utensils. There’s also electricity, a little heater and even Wi-Fi!


Fort Langley Golf Course is situated on the picturesque banks of the Fraser and Salmon River. Just don’t let the view distract you from your game!

Fort to Fort Trail

This ten kilometer trail meanders along the Fraser River, from the site of the original fort to the current fort and is perfect for hiking, biking or running.


If exploring the past at Fort Langley inspires you to take home a piece of history, then visit Village Antiques Mall. It’s 10,000 square feet of vintage and retro collectibles and antique items!

Photo courtesy of Vesta Properties.


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