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Happy Trails

Oh the sweet, sweet signs of spring… The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the nature-lovers can be found outside, drinking in as much fresh O2 as possible. Surrey is abounding with beautiful parks, perfect for hiking or biking. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to venture a little farther for that vitamin D fix.

Watershed Park is just a few minutes from Surrey, located just off of 120th Street and 64th Avenue in North Delta. (There’s free parking on 64th Avenue with easy access to the trails.) This beautiful park boasts nearly twenty-eight kilometers of trails, ideal for walking, hiking, mountain biking and even horseback riding. The weaving trails are carved out among the forest and consist of groomed paths, old gravel service roads and footbridge crossings.

When it comes to biking, the park caters to all skill sets. Most of the trails are beginner-friendly, but some trails, as well as certain built-in stunts like the famous ‘Gravity Bowl’, definitely challenge the more experienced cyclists!

You don’t have to go hard though; some trails are perfect for a contemplative meander. There’s also a small creek where salmon spawn each year and a lookout with a clear view of Mud Bay, that’s perfect for a picnic.

If you’re less the hiker/biker type and more of a history buff, then this park will also appeal to you. Watershed Park is home to the municipality’s first waterworks system. It was developed in 1909, using spring water from the hills of North Delta. Relics of these early waterworks still remain over one hundred years later. As you explore the park you may turn a corner and stumble across an artesian well, the old water tower or the remains of the pump house, now an empty shell.

One thing you’ll definitely find in Watershed Park? A unique cocktail of nature, history and sports… and the people who appreciate them!

Photo Courtesy of Wanderin’ Weeta


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