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Gearing up for the BC Vintage Truck Museum…

If you’re at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds and happen to wander into what was once the old Surrey Museum, you’ll find something worth revving your engines over: the BC Vintage Truck Museum This unique little gem celebrates British Columbia’s trucking heritage with a captivating collection of twenty restored vehicles set against gorgeous dioramas depicting the old City of Surrey – the kind of place that’s as captivating for kids as for their grandparents. Many of these vehicles have been restored by dedicated volunteers…

“The history of this area is very much tied to what’s represented in these old trucks,” 

says Cloverdale Business Improvement Association’s Paul Orazietti.

“You get families coming in or members of motor clubs and car club enthusiasts from throughout the Lower Mainland.”

Orazietti sees the museum as one piece of an eventual big picture.

“There’s synergy in all of these items. Cloverdale has the potential to be a real heritage destination, like Fort Langley or White Rock.”

They just don’t make them like that anymore. It’s a line you’ll likely hear as you wander past the trucks – many that haven’t been manufactured for decades. Inventory includes a Turn of the Century 4-wheel drive truck used to haul coal and plow streetcar tracks, a 1920’s tractor and a 1930’s Indiana – and that’s just naming a few. This isn’t just a collection of trucks. It’s a history of BC on wheels.

The B.C. Vintage Truck Museum is open every Saturday at 10 am.

Photo Credit: B.C. Vintage Truck Museum

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