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I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

Surrey on two wheels

Surrey’s called the City of Parks for a reason. Wherever you find yourself in the region, there’s no shortage of nature trails and natural greenery – and there’s no better way of experiencing them than by bicycle!

The City of Surrey’s continuing dedication to the creation of a pedestrian and bike-friendly community is evident in their Walking Plan and Cycling Plan – twin schemes aimed to increase the physical activity among visitors and residents by incorporating routes and trails into the municipal infrastructure. It’s a concept that lends itself naturally to the geography – after all, eighty-two percent of Surrey is within five kilometers of a town centre. Now if that doesn’t get the wheels turning…

Surrey’s bike trails range from short and leisurely to long and challenging, so whether you’re out for a casual spin or bent on a serious trek, there’s a route to suit your fancy. Here’s a quick taste of the trails…

Bear Creek Park

Location: 13750 88th Avenue
Highlights: Surrey Arts Centre/Bear Creek Pavilion/Bear Creek Gardens

Mud Bay Park

Location: 13030 48 Avenue
Highlights: birdwatching/access to Boundary Bay Regional Park.

Blackie Spit & Crescent Beach

Location: 3136 McBride Avenue
Highlights: birdwatching/harbour seals/off-leash dog areas/picnic access

Fleetwood Park

Location: 15802 – 80 Ave
Highlights: Fleetwood Gardens/soccer field/all-weather sports field/softball diamonds/tennis courts/sand volleyball courts

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