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It’s for the Birds

Chirping about our Feathered Friends

Surrey’s wetlands, parks, beaches and built-up areas are home to hundreds of bird species. For nature-loving visitors seeking a casual eco-tour, birding walks are a great way to get some fresh air while taking in some amazing live scenery. While many species do fly south for the winter, eagles, falcons, herons and owls have other tastes, essentially making Surrey’s natural spaces a year-round nature refuge! So what should you bring on a birding trek in Surrey?

  • Binoculars – for spotting nests but also for finding spectacular flora
  • Field guide – plenty of guide apps are available for your smartphone
  • Good walking shoes or hiking boots – it’s self-explanatory, really
  • Warm jacket or raingear – stay comfortable!

Where should you go?


Start off around Crescent Beach and head towards the tidal marsh for waterfowl and shorebirds. Stay on the lookout for harbour seals, too!


One of the Lower Mainland’s best kept secrets, this easy-to-follow nature walk includes a boardwalk through part of the marsh, making this a great place to spot eagles, hawks and other birds that enjoy the shoreline.


Don’t be fooled by the name. Serpentine refers to the river where the reserve is located (between Highway 99 and the King George Highway). A favourite nesting roost for over 130 bird species, it’s a haven for birding enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Jean-Raphaël Guillaumin

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