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Masterchef Canada All Star Edition

Watch David Jorge compete for the Surrey Food Bank!

We have officially entered the season of giving. That’s right, move over pumpkin spice everything and crunchy leaves on the ground, we’ve hit the holiday season where it’s all about those warm and fuzzy feelings. You know the kind, wrapped up in a warm blanked, holding a mug of hot cocoa, giving back goodness that warms your insides like a big giant hug.

Well, the folks over at Masterchef Canada are definitely full of that giving spirit, because not only are they airing a special two-hour All Star Family Edition competition, it’s all in the name of charity.

Cast your minds all the way back to the 1st of February, 2015. It may feel like a lifetime ago, but it was then when local Surrey concrete worker David Jorge embarked on the beginning of his journey to becoming Masterchef Canada Season 2 winner. He’s since gone on to join the Joseph Richards Group and collaborate on the opening of the S+ L restaurant, but his time competing in the Masterchef Canada kitchen isn’t done yet! He’ll be battling against Master Chef Canada Season 1 winner Eric Chong, Season 3 winner Mary Berg, and Holiday Special winner Pino DiCerbo for the All Star title.

His charity of choice? Should Jorge and his family win the $10,000 grand prize, it will be donated to the Surrey Food Bank right during their time of need. Now that just warms your heart, doesn’t it? Be sure to tune in to the special on CTV, airing on December 5th, 2016 at 5:00pm and cheer for Surrey local David Jorge, every good vibe counts!


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