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One Warm Night in Surrey…

Introducing the Surrey Night Market

For the swashbuckling few, the term, Night Market evokes images of hot, humid evenings in the pirate port of Singapore or Old Bombay– a cacophony of hawking merchants, haggling customers, heady aromas, hidden treasures and perhaps a monkey or two.

Apart from the monkeys, Surrey’s Night Market is no less tantalizing. Located across from the Agriplex Complex within the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds at 17726 62 Avenue, the Surrey Night Market happens every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 11pm, between July 5th and August 30th.

The only one of its kind in the Fraser Valley, this multicultural event is a chance for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a variety of local foods, goods and services, as well as an array of local talent in the performing arts – and it all happens under the beautiful BC night sky.

While thousands of attendees are anticipated, accessibility won’t be a concern. The Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds have sufficient onsite parking to handle hundreds of cars at any time and parking is free with over 1000 stalls available. Mobility challenges aren’t an issue, either. The facility is wheelchair accessible.

As with any night market, the gorgeous array of food is the main attraction. At Surrey’s, you’ll experience a world of flavours: Chinese, Nepalese, Mediterranean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Fijian, African, Pakistani, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Latin American, Korean, First Nations, Greek, Indian…

But there are more than just mouth-watering experiences to be had at the Surrey Night Market. Vendors also offer goods and services such as pedicures, manicures, cosmetics, handicrafts, decorations, costume jewelry, psychic services and mobile phone accessories, to name a few…

Whatever your taste, there’s something for you at the Surrey Night market. Unless of course, you’re looking for monkeys.

Entry is $2 for adults. Children (under the height of 48are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. For more information, contact: or call 604.805.3440


The Night Market is a safe and secure event for families. Static and mobile security patrols will be enforcing a venue-wide no drugs/alcohol/smoking policy. Onsite First Aid is also available.


No parking is permitted at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre or at the Fraser Downs Raceway.

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