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Tynehead Insteameet Re-Cap

It may have been a gloomy and rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from getting out into the great outdoors and capturing all the beautiful Fall colours in Tynehead Regional Park on October 8th! Armed with rain boots and umbrellas, we explored the trails that run through the park. The Serpentine River and the sound of raindrops on leaves acted as our soundtrack as the extremely talented (and brave!) photographers snapped some stunning photos! To round out the day, we visited the Tynehead Hatchery, and were treated to watching the volunteers catch Chinook and Chum right from the river! Here are just a few of the snapshots captured by the amazing photographers that came out to the event! Check out the #TrueSurrey and #FallColoursinTynehead hashtags on Instagram to see more!


“Mushroon Glory!” captured by @christinebowenbabic


“Fall Colours in full effect at Tynehead Regional Park” shot by our co-host @delorean_mike!


“Grateful for this rain. Without the rain we wouldn’t have these amazing forests full of colour on a dull day. This was yesterday at the Tynehead Park Instameet” taken by @eileendreams


“Bridge Over Serpentine Waters” by @lolabansiang


“Fall in #SurreyBC” shot by @lorene1voice


“‘The Stump’ of which many trees grow from.” Taken by @powerstroke2010


And a bonus shot from the Tynehead Hatchery by @delorean_mike! These salmon are fighters!

**Main image shot by Dale Watkins or @powerstroke2010 on Instagram


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