Surrey, BC is one of the liveliest and fastest-growing cities in Metro Vancouver. Renowned for natural beauty, a flourishing culinary scene and cutting-edge recreational facilities, Surrey is a city rich in both culture and history that’s just waiting to be discovered.

And behind every new discovery is a story – a journey, an experience, the start of something special… We’re proud to be telling Surrey’s story; the stories of its residents, business owners, and visitors – unique individuals who love their community and share a giant desire to celebrate it. We’re their proud voice!

True Surrey is a platform for the people of Surrey, where stereotypes are debunked, successes are shared, and growth is championed. This is where we celebrate Surrey’s unique mix of rural and urban spaces, its people, places, businesses, and festivals that make this beautiful, sprawling municipality one-of-a-kind.

We are a community that’s proud of where it’s come from and excited about where it’s going. That’s what we’re celebrating. That’s what we want to share. That’s True Surrey!

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