Must Love Coffee

Coffee is important to Canadians. Canada consumes the 3rd most coffee in the world, at 152 litres per person. Maybe it’s because our winters are long and cold. Maybe it’s because we need something to wake us up before early morning hockey practice. University campuses across Canada are reporting decreasing alcohol sales, and increasing coffee sales. You get the picture, we’re keen for the bean. Luckily for us, Cloverdale is home to great coffee that is roasted locally.

Centric Culinary Inc. (18394 Fraser Highway) is a coffee lover’s dream. They roast their own coffee beans and sell them under the name Pina Columbia. They source their beans from farms all over the world, cycling through 10 sources every 12 months. Using Canadian technology, they are able to roast the beans using a closed loop of hot air that is applied to the beans under constant pressure, ensuring all the beans are evenly roasted. If you make your own coffee at home, their uniquely west coast coffee is an absolute must-buy.

It doesn’t just stop at taking a bag home with Pina Columbia. Coffee can be more than just part of your morning routine. They publish a quarterly magazine that explores roasting methods and what influences their flavour profiles. The owner, Danielle, is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, which is a non-profit that aims to educated and push the coffee industry forward to a sustainable future. Danielle is also an accredited barista, and has competed in international barista competitions. Suffice to say she knows what she’s doing and you won’t be disappointed.

Stop by Centric Culinary to buy a bag of coffee, chat with Danielle about the process, or to try one of their many flavours of iced coffee.