Fun at Surrey Fusion Festival

For two days in July, Fusion Festival takes over Holland Park for an incredible mix of cultures from all over the world. With so much to do and see, we’ve collected our top 5 favourite things about the Fusion Festival:

So. Much. FOOD.

There are no words that can fully convey how awesome the mouthwatering banquet that awaits you at Fusion Fest is. But we’ll do our best. A day of eating at Fusion Fest could consist of some Jerk honey chicken from Ghana, trying out Korean deep fried squid, a slice of Argentinian traditional sweet pie called pastafrola or a deep-fried Nanaimo Bar from the Canadian pavilion for dessert, and washing it down with a South Sudanese Hibiscus drink or a Venezuelan cocada, a coconut smoothie. And that’s just the first day. There is no better time to enjoy what all our different cultures have to offer than with the delicious food you can find at Fusion Fest.

All the world’s a stage

Or more accurately all the world is on stage. Flamenco dancing, bagpiping, cooking demonstrations, and storytelling! The variety of entertainment is astounding with performances going on throughout both days. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore cultures from all over the world, including Nigerian superstar 2Baba, Punjabi playback singer Sharry Mann, and Canadian performer K’NAAN. Find an event that interests you here.

Piles of Pavilions

The over 50 pavilions you will find at Fusion Fest will each host a different culture. Learn something new from a familiar place or discover a new corner of the world. Enjoy the crafts, culture, and of course the cuisine from Albania to Zambia. Only at Fusion Festival can you travel the world through a whole alphabet of countries in one weekend.

Indigenous Village

Get a deeper understanding of the vibrant cultures that originated right here in British Columbia. Métis and First Nations artists will showcase their work, and demonstrate their production processes. Enjoy traditional and contemporary music and dancing as well as a display of Métis History artifacts.  And did we mention the bannock? Yes, we already covered food, but this deep-fried versatile bread is in a category of its own, being able to turn into both savoury and sweet snacks, such as bannock burgers, dogs, tacos, or pair it with Nutella or a dusting of cinnamon sugar for a tasty bannock dessert.

Age Limitless

Fusion Fest doesn’t cater to one specific demographic, it’s got something for everyone no matter if you are 8 or 80. The kids will love KidsWorld and Storyville, stroll through an African Village market, snap a selfie at the photo booth, enter a giveaway, or just dine around the world, there is plenty to fill anyone’s day. No matter your age, you can find lots to enjoy at Fusion Fest.

Surrey Fusion Festival
July 20 & 21
Holland Park, 13428 Old Yale Rd