Jim Hatch

A local artist at the 2017 Art in the City

I got interested in photography at about age 13 and have developed in visual arts through digital painting. I just love the stuff I do in Photoshop– it always inspires me.

A practitioner of spontaneous artmaking and photography, Jim Hatch is no stranger when it comes to the arts. Inspired to pursue photography at age 13, Jim started his career behind the camera in high school. What was first a hobby evolved into his profession of photojournalism today. For the past four years, Jim has been experimenting with digital painting and has won several awards.

Perceiving art as a mode of personal therapy and a way to freely express his ideas, Jim enjoys the way his mind opens up to a world of wonder and creativity whenever he is deep in his work. He loves to explore a variety of themes and often leans toward using canvas and archival paper as a foundation for his artwork. In the end of the day, simply hearing how his art breeds intrigue by its viewers is enough for Jim to continue creating art for people to enjoy.

Like many in the creative community, he looks up to masters Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso to further inspire his development as an artist, hoping one day he’ll make an impact as great as they did. In the meantime, as a resident of Surrey, Jim finds his engagement with the Newton Cultural Centre helps boost his visibility and recognition in the local art scene, but his success doesn’t stop there. The reach of his art expands across the globe, having been sold to a number of places in Europe, Asia, Canada and America.

Jim will be participating in Art in the City, a two-day self-guided tour on September 30 and October 1 around 8 Surrey locations housing 29 artists displaying their work! Click here for full event details