Nicci Battilana

A local artist at the 2017 Art in the City

One of my very first art experiences was in Prince Charles Elementary. We used nature and paint to create abstract art… and I was hooked. I have never forgotten that moment.

We are all familiar with elementary school art class: kids painting and using coloured pencils, gluing leaves and sticks for inspiration or texture. This ritual was the beginning of a lifetime of creativity and inspiration for Nicci. An avid artist and a proud member of the Surrey community, Nicci has pursued her fascination for the arts since she first took a class at Prince Charles Elementary.

The ability to pursue what makes her happy while still being able to live comfortably is something Nicci truly treasures. Through her art, she is able to explore her own creativity while also being able to give back to the community that first inspired her to be an artist. Nicci teaches art classes to youth through the School District and at the South Surrey Recreation Centre. Teaching and watching young artists create is a gift that helps Nicci be more imaginative, pushing her to experiment with her art in different ways. She finds it inspiring that young artists can develop their creative techniques with little regard to what others may think.

For Nicci, it all begins with a blank canvas where she would sit in front of in anticipation of the creativity and ideas that will emerge from within her. She starts her work with a light sketch, followed by brush strokes of acrylic paint forming the skin tone base, later topping it off with watercolour crayons. Acrylic makes for a faster drying time and reminds Nicci of her earlier work with textiles. She finds movement in her art to be more fluid with the way acrylic dries like flexible plastic.

While she doesn’t aim to change the world with her art, Nicci would love to be able to make the future brighter and bring happiness into people’s homes and places of business. Her tips for budding artists are to never give up and to ‘practice, practice, and more practice.’ “We all get one ride on this carousel of life and we need to enjoy it, while being nice to others and supporting our communities. Keep smiling and creating.”

Nicci will be participating in Art in the City, a two-day self-guided tour on September 30 and October 1 around 8 Surrey locations housing 29 artists displaying their work! Click here for full event details