Pick a Pumpkin

What’s Halloween without a few Jack O’Lanterns out on the porch? Lots of different cultures have carved lanterns out of vegetables throughout history. The carved pumpkins we in North America have become accustomed to is based mostly on Irish tradition, but the Maori have also been carving gourds for at least 700 years. It’s not quite certain what Jack O’Lanterns were originally meant for. Some say they were to represent the spirits, others say they were used to scare spirits away. Out of all the different traditions and ideas, there’s just something special about visiting a pumpkin patch on a brisk autumn afternoon. Luckily for you, there’s a wonderful family owned farm and pumpkin patch in the beautiful farms of Surrey, BC.

Rondriso Farms (8390 172 Street) is owned and operated by Ron and Pam Tamis. They’re helped out by there three boys, and their dog. The Tamis family has been farming and cultivating in Surrey since 1958, with the most recent generation taking charge in 2002. In that time since Ron and Pam took over, they’ve set up shop with their own general store, become a local fixture at farmers’ markets, and run their famous pumpkin patch every October. Opening annually on October 1st, you can stop by on weekdays or weekends for a hayride down to the pumpkin field to pick your own pumpkin.