Sandy Dimond

A local artist at the 2017 Art in the City

If my paintings are able to bring pleasant memories, a moment of relaxation, an insight into some part of the viewer’s life, then my mission as an artist has been fulfilled.

Artmaking didn’t always come easy for Sandy, but quitting was never an option. Despite her struggles with increasing levels of visual impairment, Sandy devotes a lot of time sketching natural subjects such as flowers, leaves and trees. With lots of practice, and persistence from her instructor with the concepts of perspective, Sandy develops her ability to draw with depth.

Sandy typically starts a piece by studying a number of large sketches, which may be coloured in pencil, conte or charcoal. These studies allow her to understand where the work is going and to better visualise the final image. Frequently, she’d create portraits of horses, florals, landscapes, and a variety of birds. In essence, Sandy’s intentions for painting is to give viewers an insight to the emotions she has painted onto her subjects.

Art has always been a very private experience for her, until she decided to market her work. Since then, doors have opened taking her out of her studio, into the world of art clubs and organizations, public art displays, and galleries, allowing her to expand her understanding of art and its influence on culture. Sandy is proud to have the Arts Council of Surrey, as it has helped in many ways in taking her work to a new level. She looks forward to bringing her works out on display to the various artist opportunities in Surrey, such as Art in the City.

Sandy perceives art as a framework for our appreciation of nature’s beauty. She believes plantlife, wild and domestic creatures, and all sorts of terrain to be deserving of being expressed in art for all to see. However, that doesn’t mean artmaking doesn’t come with challenges. Sandy would sometimes feel overwhelmed, whether it be by feelings of inadequacy or lack of experience. Though when she hits a wall, she takes a moment to reflect and begins again. Through her journey with artmaking, Sandy urges other artists who doubt their abilities to keep pushing themselves in their craft, and to push some more. Art will give you the tools and confidence you need, so don’t stop and just move forward.

Sandy will be participating in Art in the City, a two-day self-guided tour on September 30 and October 1 around 8 Surrey locations housing 29 artists displaying their work! Click here for full event details.