Signs of Spring

It has been one mighty long winter here in Metro Vancouver. At first the snow was trivial, some may even say it was fun. But then it stuck around for a few days (something we are NOT accustomed to), and it snowed again, and again, and again! The weather was practically all anyone could talk about, and despite the absolute bliss our inner-child was feeling, we were collectively over it when flurries fell for one last time in March. It’s been a long haul, but now that the temperatures are FINALLY starting to rise and the frost is fading, it’s time to embrace spring!

Although delayed by West Coast standards, we are starting to see some signs of spring surfacing, and we are very ready for sunny skies and the smell of flowers in the air. Here are some of our first glimpses of spring captured by our very talented #TrueSurrey community.


It’s the first day of spring, and it couldn’t have come fast enough!”
Photo by: @belletrist._ on Instagram taken at Hawthorne Park


Spring awakenings.”
Photo by: @atagaw on Instagram taken at Green Timbers Urban Forest


“The bees couldn’t be happier for the first day of spring!”
Photo by: @honeybeecentre on Instagram, located in Cloverdale


“We’ve been prepping beds, making plans and eagerly anticipating warmer weather and fresh veggies. It feels like a it’s been a very long winter. So here’s a cheer for the arrival of a new season. Let’s get growing!”
Photo by: @zaklanheritagefarm on Instagram, located in North Surrey

Main Photo by @belletrist._ on Instagram