Snowy Surrey

Over on the West Coast we get a lot of flack for our mild Canadian Winters. Whole satires are dedicated to depicting the chaos that follows a single snowflake landing on a Metro Vancouver road, and flurries in the forecast are quickly given an overzealous social media title like #snowpocalypse2017.

But can you really blame us for our innate panic when the snow starts to fall? We’re used to pleasant temperatures throughout the calendar year, with maybe one or two afternoons of light snowfall (read: not sticking to the roads). We’re just not built for it out here, but when a big snowfall DOES happen, you can bet that Surrey residents are out there making the best of the unusual weather.

And it appears the cold weather is here to stay just a little bit longer, so let’s continue to embrace it! Channel your inner kid who just LIVES for snow-days by suiting up with mittens and toques, and head to Surrey’s top tobogganing spots. Notice your favourite slope is missing? Let us know about your favourite hills!

Royal Kwantlen Park
13035 – 104 Avenue

Maple Park
14939 – 84 Avenue

Robin Park
11240 – 150 Street

East View Park
18939 – 60B Avenue

Senator Reid Park
6115 – 136 Street

**Photo credit: Randen Pederson