Studio Seventy Three

A collective of local artists at the 2017 Art in the City

Studio Seventy Three is a group of artists who all work and display their art collectively at the Studio Seventy Three gallery. Run by the Community Living Society, the Studio provides opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities who want to express their creativity in a meaningful way while also providing them an income. The artists participating in this year’s Art in the City are Mridu Sood, Fatima Khan, Carrie Billow, Kurt Linke, and Harpreet Arneja. The Studio mainly explores fused glass, using a kiln much like ceramics. In fact, that’s how it all began. Some time ago, they were working with ceramics and one day, one of them wondered what would happen if they put glass into the ceramics kiln. Soon, they realized they liked working with glass more than pottery, and it simply took off from there.

The artists love the ability to create their own designs and share them with others. It gives them independence and the ability to show the world what they are capable of doing. The works the artists create can be beautiful, functional wares such as platters and bowls, or they can be fun and enteraining house décor. The artists greatly value sharing their love of art and the freedom it has given them, reminding others that you should never give up on your passions no matter what the world may think.

As a non-profit social enterprise, Studio Seventy Three appreciates the support they receive from the City of Surrey, Value Group of Companies, Newton Business Improvement Association, and the Community Living Society. They also credit Friends of the Grove, Surrey Board of Trade, ASTTBC, Arts Council of Surrey, Vancity, Value Group of Companies, and the wonderful citizens of Surrey that have encouraged the advancement of Studio Seventy Three as a welcoming space for artists and artisans.

Studio Seventy Three will be participating in Art in the City, a two-day self-guided tour on September 30 and October 1 around 8 Surrey locations housing 29 artists displaying their work! Click here for full event details