Bubble Tea Tour

Bubble tea has taken Surrey by storm. This deliciously sweet Taiwanese drink hits all the boxes: it’s sweet, it’s got tons of flavour, and it’s got chewy boba (tapioca balls) in it! Lots of bubble tea shops have opened up in Surrey lately, below you’ll find a few places where you can get your bubble fix in Guildford.

Bubble World

Bubble World (137-10090 152 Street) started in 1995 opening their first store in Vancouver. 10 years later, they opened their doors and spread their bubbly goodness to Surrey. They’ve won multiple awards for their Taiwanese cuisine, and for good reason. Demand for their food and bubble tea has allowed them to spread out into 10 different locations and they’re committed to keep perfecting their recipes.

K-Pop Karaoke Restaurant

You know what goes great with bubble tea? K-Pop. Live out your dream of being a Korean pop star without the hassle of touring the world and paparazzi. K-Pop Karaoke (14914 104 Avenue) is open late 7 days a week and offers private tables.. Take your 8 closest friends and channel your inner EXO, what more could you need from a night out?

Pearl Fever Teahouse

Serving bubble tea at 7 location, Pearl Fever (10330 152 Street) is another homegrown franchise. Opening their first location in 2002, they’ve been dedicated to the craft of making consistently delicious bubble tea ever since. They try to cater to individual tastes by offering a wide variety of flavours and adjusting to accommodate dietary restrictions.