The Local

We’ve got a whole lot of TrueLove for Surrey 604’s newest series: The Local.

The Local is a web series that focuses on building up the local community, and sharing positive community stories about individuals that are truly making a difference for those who call Surrey home. From businesses that are creating state-of-the-art infrastructure, to organisations that are helping some of the 1,000 new Surrey residents each and every month, The Local profiles the individuals and businesses that make Surrey a community that residents are proud to call home.

So what’s the inspiration behind this web series? Change. A change in perception and defying outgrown stereotypes that have plagued Surrey for as long as memory serves. Surrey is Metro Vancouver’s fastest growing community, and there’s a lot of really wonderful reasons why people are choosing to call Surrey home.

Helping newcomers find their new homes is David Smith, a community champion himself. As a local realtor, he puts people before property. This mantra of putting people first, and encouraging others to stay local is his drive for sharing touching community stories through the web series. He’s heard time and time again why home-buyers are looking to Surrey and our neighbouring cities, and he knows it’s the people that define and make the community.

To date, the series has taken us behind the scenes at 3 Civic Plaza, Surrey’s state-of-the-art tower that will become a mix of residential, accommodation, and educational units, as well as an organisation that helps refugees immigrate to and settle in the Lower Mainland called New Hope, along with tales of champions from our neighbours in Langley. If the first few episodes are an indication of where the series is going, we can’t wait to meet even MORE local heroes and hear their stories.

**Video and photo above are of episode 1 of The Local by Surrey 604