Wendy Mould

A local artist at the 2017 Art in the City

I spend my summers like Emily Carr, camped in the bush, perched on a log, painting or drawing. It is truly a wonderful feeling to just be part of the environment.

For as long as Wendy can remember, she has always been making things. A real hands-on type of gal, Wendy has worked with many mediums throughout the years, ranging from cake decorating, ceramic painting, fibre and fabric design—even making things out of chocolate. Wendy spends hours planning and finding materials that help bring her art to life. Having started drawing about 25 years ago and still feeling like it is a rather new medium for her to use, the journey of Wendy’s artmaking is filled with both never-ending challenges and relentless excitement as textures and colours draws her further in to the world of art, encouraging her to continue what she loves to do best.

When it comes to artmaking, Wendy follows three important steps: the planning, the execution, and the final touches to a piece. Wendy finds that the most exciting part of the whole process is the brainstorming aspect, where ideas are flying left and right, giving rise to the feeling of anticipation and suspense as Wendy navigates through her imagination. Sometimes this feeling is so all-consuming that Wendy would stay awake throughout the night, her head full the following day. It carries her into her work, making her feel as if time has stopped, allowing her to delve deep into her artmaking. Her art then begins to take a life of its own and once the piece is finished, Wendy wishes for the journey to star all over again.

Most of Wendy’s work portrays wildlife in its many forms. She tries to capture special moments of them through her pastimes of hiking, camping, and boating, fully enjoying the outdoors. One of her most recent works, “Up for Air,” is of a harbour seal that came up to get a glance of the nature-loving artist as she was kayaking down the Campbell River with her sister. When it comes to drawing, Wendy leans towards creating detailed and realistic pieces. Although she’s dabbled and succeeded with sculptures, watercolour, ink, and coloured pencils, Wendy’s favourite medium is graphite, which is where her path of artmaking had started with. The texture of the pencil on paper and the infinite values that can be created with it keep her constantly searching for new subjects to illustrate.

Wendy draws her inspiration from Canadian artists such as Emily Carr, the Group of Seven, and Robert Bateman, embracing their appreciation for nature and Canadian culture. Wendy loves be surrounded by seascapes and beautiful sceneries, which are conveniently abundant in Surrey, a city she finds that has offered her various opportunities to grow as an artist. Recently jurying her first show at The Arts Series, being an active member of Surrey Artswest, and having been part of many of the events hosted by the Surrey Arts Council, Wendy’s successes in the local art scene spurs her on to continue her passion in visual arts. In essence, Wendy wishes her art to celebrate wildlife and nature, to pass on the thrill of encountering them in their natural habitats, and to encourage their preservation for future generations.

Wendy will be participating in Art in the City, a two-day self-guided tour on September 30 and October 1 around 8 Surrey locations housing 29 artists displaying their work! Click here for full event details